Logo Design
Responsive Virtual Receptionist - Touchscreen Monitor (*see video)
Marketing Poster Design
Store Front in Johns Creek, Georgia
Lenox Salons Blakeney Store Front
Interactive Hover/Click Images - Website
Testimonials Page - Website
Interactive Self Guided Tour - Website
Interactive Self Guided Tour - Website
Online Owner Resource Forms - Website
Lenox Salons Blakeney Informational Cut Sheet
Lenox Salons Birkdale Informational Cut Sheet
Lenox Salons Lake Norman Informational Cut Sheet
Lenox Salons Ballantyne Informational Cut Sheet
Lenox Salons Johns Creek Informational Cut Sheet
Lenox Salons SouthEnd Informational Cut Sheet

Responsive Virtual Receptionist - Touchscreen Monitor 
*Video shows operational features such as 'Check-In & Directory' and 'Book an Appointment' functions

Promotional Video - "Welcome to Lenox Salons"
Informational 'About Us' video to help first time guests better understand the growing 'Salon Suite' concept

CLIENT - Lenox Salons

PROJECT - Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Marketing, Print, Signage, Social Media, Web, UX, UI

DESCRIPTION - Lenox Salons was one of my longest brand management, design and marketing tasks to date. I spent approximately 10 years developing and building this luxury salon suite brand into the successful case study that it is today. As the Creative Director at District Design Studio, I was approached in 2009 to develop a logo identity for a developer who wanted to enter the new salon suite concept. At date, there were only a few national competitors and there was an opportunity to capitalize on a niche that was currently missing in the market. The vision was to take the growing concept and offer a high-end, luxury version of the model. The developer had initially approached an advertising firm but he was not satisfied with the results presented and turned instead to District. After understanding his frustrations from past experiences, I quickly went to work to capture a simple yet sophisticated design that had a subtle flare of the hair/salon industry. If you look closely at the logo design you will see that I utilized the interior negative space from the 'O' in "LENOX" to make the simplified form of a human head. From there I took the customized tail accent from the 'X' that I had created earlier and incorporated it as a swoosh of hair to represent bangs crossing the front of a female figure (which fit the female dominated industry and target market). I chose a rich, brunette color to capture the essence of strength and sophistication while staying within the parameters of a human avatar. A complimentary color was added to the brand strategy to reflect a clean and refreshing spa environment. After successful presentation and vision casting, we were awarded the account and all associated work.

Following the launch of the brand and pre-sale of the first salon location, I continued to manage all creative and marketing aspects until I became the Creative and Marketing Director of Lenox Salons in 2013. I enjoyed serving in that position until December 2018 and helped to successfully grow and manage the business concept from a single location to six locations, in multiple states, with a small team of three employees.
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