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CLIENT - Lenox Development Group
PROJECT - Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Marketing, Print, Signage, Web

DESCRIPTION - Lenox Development Group was created to encompass the portfolio of businesses and commercial development projects for a CRE Developer based out of Gastonia, NC. The goal of the Developer and this identity design was to help establish the business as an established "Development Group". My initial efforts to make an image/icon mark did not sit well with my goal to bring a high level of professionalism to the brand. I scratched my efforts and began to focus on a letter mark with the idea of arranging the acronym letters, "LDG". I was incorporate the 'L' into the back spine of the 'D' which pushed the emphasis of the letter mark to be on 'DG' while still utilizing all characters in the acronym. I further worked with the developer to establish a highlight color to give the design a sense of personality and pull the 'L' out of the design and help provide recognition to the company name and brand. I later began building a photo library of businesses and commercial properties to assist in designing/developing a corporate website.
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