CLIENT - Cotton Bar & Grill

PROJECT - Art Direction, Branding, Signage

DESCRIPTION - This project was presented by an established restaurateur who wanted to take the menu from one of his successful locations and adapt it to a golf course bar and grill. He and his wife had already established a name for the restaurant, "Cotton Bar & Grill", but needed help incorporating it into a design and brand strategy. My thoughts immediately went toward incorporating the name into a strategy that met the location of the restaurant - a golf course. This was a more sophisticated and elevated menu than a typical turn-hole grill and needed to communicate that aspect. After researching different stages of the cotton development process I settled in on the blooming cotton bud and found a simple way to connect the two themes. The golf tee represents the branch/stem of the plant, and I also altered the center spherical shape of the cotton bud to resemble a uniform golf ball and added a chiseled texture to match golf ball dimples.
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