CLIENT - Cramer Mountain Club

PROJECT - Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Marketing, Print, Signage, Social Media, Web, UX, UI

DESCRIPTION - After being purchased from bankruptcy, the Cramer Mountain Country Club was left in shambles and needed to refresh its brand and marketing strategy. The previous ownership had left a bad reputation with members, and new ownership needed to take what was left and build a new future. I was able to remove "Country" from the nameplate and help cast a new vision and brand that focused on a family-friendly, inviting and inclusive environment. The idea was to remove the stiff stigma of the previous model and build membership packages to better represent the needs of today's evolving families. I established and marketed new amenities along with innovative pricing structures to fit this adapted model. The vision had to be presented to equity homeowners and the HOA for approval in order to move forward with the new marketing and brand strategy.

The initial capital campaign was a huge success as the required membership approval was granted and the initial membership campaign surpassed its goals. The Cramer Mountain Club has continued to grow on this innovative vision and successful brand strategy implementation. 
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